Book, eBook & Ghostwriting – Premium Plan

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Basic Plan

Within this service, we will provide our very best, well-research, and edited writing on any topic you choose. We have personally written, edited, and published 5 of our own e-books on Amazon, which means we have in-depth experience when it comes to creating easy-to-read, researched, relevant, and captivating e-book content.

You can count on:

  1. SEO book title
  2. Table of contents
  3. Original research
  4. Top-quality content
  5. Citations
  6. Editing


Well, you give us as much or as little as you’d like and We’ll craft something incredible for you!

Whether you have:
A title
A theme
A concept

Or even…

No idea whatsoever! We’ve got you covered!

We can bring your ideas to life with quality and professionalism. That’s why you need us!

What can we offer you? Just a few things:

Robust and fleshed out characters
Interesting and unique story ideas
Fresh world settings
Fantasy adventures

We are passionate with a good story, attention to detail, and a result that can enchant the mind. That is what we provide to anyone who works with us! And we provide it as if it was my own book with my name on it.

Don’t wait any longer. Let’s get to work!

We’re excited to work with you!

We welcome any type of customizations and won’t charge for it if possible. Please mention all your special requests in the questionnaire we provide you right after your payment. Feel free to reach us anytime on