Premium Plan – Cover Letter

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Got a great resume? Stuck on what to say in the cover letter? Stand out from the crowd. Secure that all-important interview!

The ArticleWriterCo. promise to deliver:

  1. A complete overhaul of your cover letter– grammar, style, keywords, and more
  3. Custom Cover Letter with Any level of experience 7+ years.
  4. Complete Company & Job Research.
  5. A powerful, attention-grabbing introduction
  6. Achievement-based, metric-driven accomplishments
  7. Ideas to improve content along with comments explaining changes
  8. ATS-compatible content
  9. Tailored cover letter (from scratch) easily modified for a variety of jobs


Here at The ArticleWriterCo. we have over 10 years experience of assisting people from around the world to secure their perfect job. From building resumes to helping coach for interviews our skilled team will be on hand every step of the way to help you land the job.

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We welcome any type of customizations and won’t charge for it if possible. Please mention all your special requests in the questionnaire we provide you right after your payment. Feel free to reach us anytime on